The 8 O’ Clock Hour with KJ Allen & Ryan Swails

Monday through Thursday mornings at 8, join KJ Allen and Ryan Swails for an hour of local talk about…well, about pretty much anything!  Local news, politics and sports are usually safe bets, but conversations can range from what Ryan says while sleeping to KJ’s aversion to small rodents. In short, anything goes!

KJ Allen serves as President and General Manager of Fox News Radio 810 and its parent company, Oconee Radio Group.  KJ’s nearly twenty years of broadcast experience has taken him from Knoxville to Athens, and Jackson, Mississippi to Nashville (with a few stops in between)! KJ and his wife Ashley live in North Georgia.

Ryan Swails is the sales representative for Fox News Radio 810, in addition to his co-hosting duties on the 8 O’ Clock Hour, as well as The Fox News Radio 810 Superfans program on Monday evenings. Ryan is a graduate of Emmanuel College, and has a long family history with the College and community. Ryan and his wife Ginny live in Franklin Springs.

To join the conversation, call 706-498-9757 during the show and express your opinion!

Show Notes

Tuesday, 9/6/11

Rep. Maxine Waters says, let’s spend a trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) or more, that we don’t have, to create jobs.

Another tropical storm, another sad looking rain bucket. Radar estimates show a couple of inches, tops, in Franklin Hart and Madison yesterday. Northwest Georgia was soaked, but nothing spectacular here. As dry as it is here, our friends in Texas could’ve really used some of the rain from tropical storm Lee.



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