Phone call to make Four Masters Park public

A telephone call was made to Dublin City board and the Sis of Grace to open up the Four Masters Park, on the edge of Berkeley Road and Eccles Street, to the general public, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Garrett Greene, Workers’ Event rep for Cabra-Glasnevin, said: “The 4 Masters Park is maintained by Dublin City board at an expense to the taxpayer, yet the Siblings of Mercy, who own it, refuse to open it to the public regardless of duplicated calls from the local community to do so.

“This park is located in a densely inhabited location with overcrowded real estate and a persistent absence of environment-friendly area. Each time when residents are extra dependent than ever before on outside facilities, it is entirely unacceptable that of the few green rooms in the location should be completely near the public.”

Mr Green mentioned that the celebration has contacted both Dublin Common Council and also the Siblings of Grace asking them to arrange for the park to be open up to the public.

“If the Sis of Grace hesitate to open the park, we are calling on Dublin Common council to utilize their power of compulsory purchase to take the park into public ownership and also to open it up to the public and the regional area”, he concluded.

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