Christmas hinder campaign spreads joyful joy

Seventeen youngsters who are participants of the St. John Bosco youth centre in Drimnagh participated in the getting, packaging and circulation of a Christmas hamper charity campaign this December, creates Rachel Cunningham.

The young people centre required to Twitter to reveal pride at its member’s cheery philanthropy, stating: “Absolutely overloaded with satisfaction as well as gratefulness for our youths”. A total amount of 115 hampers and also presents were supplied to the elderly clients of Mom McAuley Centre Drimnagh, a day care centre for older people residing in Drimnagh.

Now around over 70 years, St. John Bosco young people centre aims to be pertinent to the needs of youths in Drimnagh as well as their family members. Although mainly a youth centre, it likewise provides tasks for all age groups with an ever-changing series of tasks.

IMAGE– Team of youths delivered an overall of 115 hampers as well as presents to the senior client’s of @MDrimnagh

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