Eir introduces 5G Broadband to Irish Clients

Eir, Ireland’s leading telecommunications firm, presented 5G Broadband, a new 5G repaired mobile replacement (FMS) item to their service today.

5G Broadband is a cordless broadband connection that uses your mobile network signal to connect to the net. It is a remedy for houses and services that can not yet accessibility high speed wired broadband.

Susan Brady, eir’s Managing Supervisor of Customer & & Small Business: “The pandemic has underscored the truth that trustworthy, fast connection is necessary to all of our lives currently. We started building Ireland’s largest 5G network in 2019, today more than 57% of the populace can access that network, across every region in Ireland. 5G innovation can keep us linked, at home, at the office and on the move.”

Consumers can connect up to 20 tools within meaning active residences will be able to download songs, games and also HD videos in seconds, while holding video conferences, on multiple tools simultaneously.

To inspect if you can use this product you can check your protection on eir’s mobile coverage map eir.ie/ ourmobilenetwork/

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