GAA-4-ALL at St Sylvesters

Tuesday night’s just got a whole lot more fun! St Sylvester’s #GAA4All programme kicked off a great start with happy faces under a sunny sky.

The new activity group for children with additional needs aims to maximise fun and games for children who may not otherwise be able to access sport. With a panel of 15 trained coaches, here’s to a bright, inclusive future at St Sylvester’s GAA- where we all Belong. #clubisfamily

Tristan Rock, Annie Gunn and Esme Rock
Adam Ennis and Shahjyadi Joshi
Max Williams
Jonas Rock
Zach Garvan, Trish Crothers, Laurena Guinan and Jamie Garvan
Ellie D’Arcy Courtney and Miriam Slattery

Photos Courtesy St Sylvesters GAA

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