Light up your Bike– cyclists contacted us to be seen throughout darker commutes

Rose Barrett

Dark evening, dark mornings– it’s that time of year when pedestrian and also bicyclists have to actually ‘brighten’.

The 4 Dublin Local Authorities, along with An Garda Síochána, the Road Safety And Security Authority, as well as the Dublin Cycling Project have called individuals to action and also to ‘Brighten Your Bike’ during the darker commutes.

Road customers are confronted with darker commutes and also those who cycle are reminded that making use of bike lights is a legal demand when biking during brightening periods. If you choose to cycle without lights, or your lights fail when traveling, you become less visible as well as risk of a EUR40 repaired fine notification.

The Brighten Your Bike effort comes from the Dublin Cycling Project and advertises the legal requirement to have correctly working bike lights and to utilize them during brightening periods.

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