Mayor Kavanagh honours Transgender Day of Remembrance

Cllr. Peter Kavanagh, Mayor of South Dublin Region Council, paid homage last Friday, October 19, to the area’s transgender neighborhood, discussing how they were overmuch impacted by the international Covid-19 pandemic.

Marking Transgender Day of Remembrance, when targets of transphobic physical violence are memorialized, Mayor Kavanagh elevated the transgender flag at Area Hall in Tallaght.

“Trans individuals, particularly young trans people, rely upon their community for assistance. Constraints and also lockdowns have actually suggested that accessing these neighborhoods hasn’t been as easy as well as has actually overmuch impacted trans individuals that don’t get to be themselves beyond their area,” Mayor Kavanagh said.

“I am really happy to South Dublin’s LGBTQ+ Network for all the virtual events as well as support they have offered trans individuals in our area, and I really hope that we can all make note of their work. Trans individuals wish to be themselves, as well as it’s an act of usual human decency to promote this.”

Mayor Kavanagh likewise cautioned versus the surge of transphobia in the media, saying: “I’m old enough to keep in mind the disputes around decriminalisation of homosexuality, and also it’s disturbing to see the exact same tired speaking points coming forward in Irish media today. Given that 2015, trans individuals have actually had the legal right to be who they actually are, and also we don’t need to affect other nations and also platform discrimination and also hate under the role of concern.”

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