The Wilton Gallery & the artist John Short collaborate to set up brand-new artwork

This limited edition 1/1 print on 2 aluminium panels (190 x 220cm & & 190 x 110cm b/f) are a work by John Short, which will certainly get on view at the medical facility and also showed near to the water physiotherapy location.

The art work transforms the healthcare facility setting for patients, family members, and personnel. The owner of Wilton Gallery, Ritika Callow collaborated with John Short to produce this large artwork.

The Forty Foot in South Area Dublin, Ireland is a renowned all year-round exterior bathing area. The background is the granite wall of a Martello ft and also publication, a 19th century collection of protective fts and also towers around Ireland.

Short has travelled commonly over the world, capturing people in their natural habitats with watercolour and ink paintings. His watercolours as well as 3D sculptures of bathers are well-known, particularly at the Forty Foot.

Art Work Donated to the NRH The Wilton Gallery & the artist John Short work together to install brand-new art work at National Recovery Health Center, Dublin.( L-R )NRH senior art therapist & Louise Quinn and also Artist John Short with the given away art work. Pic: Lorraine O’Sullivan The NRH is a fully publicly funded health center and also operates on the ethos of supplying high quality care and also treatment to patients irrespective of history or condition, yet on the basis of

professional demand. It is a tertiary recommendation health center, and the only hospital of its type in the country. The setup is a charitable contribution by Wilton Gallery and the artist John Short with the help of Framing Direct, with the function to have it displayed in the vicinity of people

to lift the spirits of the people during their trip to recuperation. Along with aiming to develop a favorable and also interesting setting for workers and using art as a device to boost health as well as create a calming setting. PHOTO– Pic: Lorraine O’Sullivan Click on link to find out more in this weeks Digital Edition

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